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What You Should Know about Skin Cancer Symptoms

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Currently, the cancer is one of the most deadly and threatening diseases that affects large proportion of patients around the world. It is seen that out of 10 people, 4-5 of them suffer from cancer. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer which affects large proportion of people who are living in the areas that receive direct sunlight. Though, skin cancer is not life-threatening, it will spread to other parts of the world if it is not treated in the right manner. Fortunately, there are various treatments available that will help in treating cancer.

The best way to diagnose any disease is to collect information about the symptoms of the specific disease. To know the common symptoms of skin cancer, you may visit Glebe medical centre that is the abode of professional and experienced doctors. They have extensive knowledge of the symptoms, risk factors, and treatments for this fatal disease. However, before you consult the doctor, have a close look at the below section now. Here I have discussed what you should know about the symptoms.

Type of Skin Cancer You Must Know

There are mainly three types of skin cancer variants- The melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma. Among these three, the melanoma is the most common one and it affects the melanoma cells that are largely responsible for the skin pigment. If you identify any spot or lump in your skin, you must immediately go for consultation with the doctors at the clinic. For example, the camperdown medical centre host doctors who are experienced in detecting the type of skin cancer and they provide the best treatments.

Common Signs and Symptoms

You can protect yourself with the melanoma and non-melanoma symptoms.

Non-Melanoma: Striking Changes In Skin Areas Exposed To The Sunlight
As per the opinion of the experienced Glebe doctors, this symptom generally appears in the skin area that remains exposed to the sun. You may notice the changes in skin areas of your ears, face, upper chest, hands, back and shoulders.

Non-Melanoma: A Lump Or Discoloured Patches Of The Skin
The most common and first sign of this type of cancer is the appearance of the discoloured patch and a lump in the skin. Generally, this sign persists even after a few weeks and will start progressing over months or years.

Non-Melanoma: Scaly Surface
If you have a firm pink lump with a crusted or rough surface, there is a possibility; you are suffering from squamous cell carcinoma. You can have a skin area with a spike horn. As per the lewisham doctors, non-melanoma is highly curable if you the best treatment on time.

Melanoma: The Appearance Of A New Mole
This is the most common sign of melanoma. If you notice dramatic changes in an old mole, you are also at risk. This may appear in any part of your body.

Melanoma: The Changing Of The Shape Of The Moles
Having a mole with an irregular shape and more than one colour is also a major symptom of this disease. It can be itchy and bleed. The growth in the size of your mole is another symptom.

If you come across all these symptoms mentioned above, then do not forget to visit a reputed medical centre, offering solutions, regarding skin cancer check in Glebe, including the other locations. Once the disease is diagnosed, the doctors will be able to start proper treatment.

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